Organizational Structure

Members List

1 Tony Akel Civil Engineer
2 Teri Amerine Foundation Development
3 Roger Anderson Office Sales and Leasing
4 Thomas Balch Air Guard
5 Murray Barry Rheumatology
6 Hagop Bedoyan Attorney Bankruptcy
7 Stephen Berglund Insurance Personal Lines
8 Steve Bezzerides Insurance Personal Lines
9 Fred Biglione Building Contractor
10 Ralph Boyajian Civil Engineer
11 Patrick Bradley Insurance Risk Management
12 Denise Cappelletty Credit Union
13 Michael Carlstrom Municipal Architecture
14 Deborah Christiansen Auto Broker
15 Jim Clark Print, Mail, and Direct Communications
16 Connie Clendenan Honorary Member
17 Jim Connelly Computer Accounting
18 Jeff Dale Coffee Wholesale
19 Jerry Dale Coffee Wholesale
20 Doyle Daniel Accounting Services Farms
21 Alan Davis Solid Waste Recycling
22 Paul Dyer Hospital Administration
23 Sherian Eckenrod Education
24 Richard Ellsworth Real Estate Broker
25 Donald Foppiano Funeral Services
26 Peter Fortuna Technology Consultant
27 John Frost Architecture Health Care
28 Paul Gibson Real Estate Broker
29 Rod Gibson Financial Consultant
30 Larry Granados Jewelry Sales
31 Michael Grannis Financial Advisor
32 John Graves Building Materials
33 Nick Grim None-Profit Management
34 Phillip Gurule Mortgage Lender
35 Bernadette Hansen Travel Service
36 Bruce Harr Banking-Portfolio Management
37 Donald Henderson Boat Manufacturing
38 Beatrice Hensleit Health Care
39 Tim Hensleit Building Contractor
40 Patricia Holt Development
41 Neal Howard Pharmacy Consultant
42 Hutch Hutchinson Health Care
43 Rodger Jensen Citrus Fruit Grower
44 Edward Kaczmarek Youth Ministries
45 David Kalemkarian Superior Court Judge
46 Julie Keitges Community Volunteer
47 Bob Kittredge Education Counseling
48 Gordon Knott Lumber Retail
49 Stefanie Krause Attorney Estate Planning
50 John Krikorian Property Management Residential
51 John Leonardo Accounting Holding Company
52 Richard Lord Human Resources
53 Scott Lowe Financial Services
54 Ted Marsella Real Estate Broker
55 Paul Masquelier Religion
56 Joseph Mastro Auditing Special Districts
57 Eric Mayu Mortgage Broker
58 William McGlasson Consulting Civil Engineer
59 Patti O'Neill Real Estate Residential
60 Kevin Oflazian Banking Commercial
61 Mo Osman Information Technology
62 Pad Padmanabhan Hematology and Oncology
63 Jeff Pape Attorney Probate
64 Rosendo Pena Court of Appeal Justice
65 Diane Phakonekham None-Profit Management
66 Janet Powell Banking Trust Services
67 Carol Putnam Honorary Member
68 Chip Putnam Superior Court Judge
69 Rick Quan Financial Planner
70 Michael Rabara Funeral Services
71 Dave Reuland Fire Insurance Adjusting
72 Michael Robertson Civil Engineer
73 Susan Ryan Credit Union
74 Alison Samarin Attorney
75 Houry Sanderson Superior Court Judge
76 Peter Scheer Raisin Broker
77 Carolee Shaffer Print, Mail, and Direct Communications
78 Ben Shein Attorney Bankruptcy
79 Scott Shewan Business Law
80 Katie Siemens Family Dentistry
81 Jim Sizemore Pest Control
82 Nick Smaldino Group Life Sales
83 Charles Small Certified Public Accountant
84 Mark Smith Insurance Risk Management
85 James Snell Clergy
86 Oral Speight Banking Ag Specialist
87 Plato Sterios Casualty Insurance
88 Bill Stevens Architecture
89 Darren Tail Financial Management
90 Aram Tatarian Auto Repair
91 Charles Wadhams Honorary Member
92 Marsha Wagner Education
93 Laura Ward Attorney-Business Litigation
94 Sharon Weaver Property Management Residential
95 Rhonda Wessels Auto Recovery
96 James Widjaja Insurance Personal Lines
97 Noelle Willbanks Civil Engineer
98 Chris Wong General Dentistry