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Board Thank You Lunch Board Thank You Lunch
Demotion Party of President Paul Gibson Demotion Party
Fresno Chaffee Zoo Registered Rotarians REGISTERED ROTARIANS AND GUESTS This is our official registration page.
32nd Pancake T-Shirt Deadline June 16th is the deadline to place T-Shirt orders for North Fresno Rotary's Annual Pancake Breakfast at Fig Garden Village Shopping Center.
32nd Annual Pancake Breakfast Sponsorships Would you like to partner with North Fresno Rotary in this community event? Great! Please contact us.
April Board Meeting 2017
Fresno Chaffee Zoo African Adventure is a 13-acre, multiphase expansion which features new animal species in spectacular naturalistic exhibits, as well as many multi-species, that together will emulate the African plains and savannas
CTLA 2017 Bitwise

North Fresno Rotary video presentation at CLTA 2017 held at Bitwise Industries.