Recap Ring the Bell

Cheer for volunteers!  This year over 50 North Fresno Rotarians volunteered to Ring the Bell for the Salvation Army.

North Fresno Rotary Ring the Bell Roster

Roger Anderson and Pat BradleyPeter Scheer and Aram TatarianPaul Masquelier and Tom BalchTim Hensleit and Paul DyerBea Hensleit and Neal Howard
Richard Lord and Bob KittredgePaul Gibson and Dave ReulandJim Connelly and Ted MarsellaStefanie Krause and Marsha WagnerSy Sizemore and Mo Osman
Mike Rabara and Carolee ShafferDoc Pad and Ralph BoyajianTony Akel and Deborah ChristensenSteve Bez and Nick SmaldinoTricia Holt and Scott Shewan
Bruce Harr and Janet PowellJohn Krikorian and Hagop BedoyanJerry Dale and Tom GravesMark Smith and John Leonardo;
Joe Mastro and Alan Davis
Kevin Oflazian and Susan Ryan
Skip Carlstrom and Bill StevensNick Grim and Hutch HutchisonSteve Bez and Denise CappRhonda Wessels and StaffPatti Oneal and Richard

Captain Joseph McFee

In December of 1891 in nearby San Francisco California Captain Joseph McFee began what would become a cherished national traditional of Ringing the Bell for the Salvation Army.

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