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North Fresno Rotary and Gyumri Rotary Club have been awarded a Rotary International Global Grant benefiting the Gyumri Medical Center Project. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. 

Gyumri, Armenia Background Info

The city of Gyumri is located in northern Armenia’s Shirak Province. Home to 250,000 people, the region has never economically recovered from a catastrophic earthquake in 1988 that killed over 25,000 people. The region has the highest poverty rate in Armenia, at approximately 50%. Winters in Gyumri are extremely harsh, with average daily low temperatures ranging from 5° F to 34° F from October through April.

Berlin Medical Centre Background Info

The Berlin Medical Centre is the primary medical clinic for Armenia’s Shirak Region. The facility consists of two buildings, 1,500 sqm and 1,000 sqm, respectively. It was built by the German Red Cross, Berlin chapter in 1993 (also its namesake) in response to the devastation caused by the 1988 earthquake. Located centrally in Gyumri, the center’s six physicians provide acutely needed primary and preventive medical care to over 30,000 individuals annually. Today, it is operated by the Fuer Armenien Foundation, a non-profit auxiliary of the German Red Cross founded in 2000 to lead humanitarian projects in the region. The foundation currently receives all funding from the Republic of Armenia and private donations.

During Gyumri’s harsh winter months, the medical center lacks the financial resources to operate at normal capacity. Over the past decade, electricity costs have risen 200%, natural gas 70%, and water 50%. In addition, the center’s heating and lighting systems are antiquated and energy inefficient. As a result, the center is forced to operate at significantly reduced capacity. This not only restricts access to health care by approximately 30%, it prevents the center from investing in new medical procedures and equipment.

Proposed Renewable Energy Project

To address the above challenges and ensure quality, year-round medical care for the region, our Rotary clubs propose an energy infrastructure improvement project. The heart of the project is the installation of a modern, multi-component solar energy system. The photovoltaic panels and other renewable energy-powered components will reduce the center’s annual energy costs by 80%, providing independence from rising energy costs, reducing carbon emissions by 50%, and, most importantly, allowing the center to operate year-round at full capacity. Despite its harsh winter temperatures, Gyumri has been identified as an excellent candidate for solar energy systems, given its 300+ days of sunshine per year and 5,000 ft. elevation.

The project will include the installation of an updated hot water heating system, heat pumps, and LED lighting. These components will ensure that the center has a modernized, reliable, and efficient heating and lighting system to serve its patients for years to come.

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