North Fresno Rotary Craft Talks

“Crib Sheet” Suggestions for Your 3-5 Minute Presentation

Basic Information

  1. Name of your business, organization or professional services.
  2. What kinds of services or products would your clientele be coming to your company/place of business for?
  3. To what extent do you specialize in terms of background, education and training, or in terms of type of professional services or products you offer?

Choices of additional career-related “human interest” commentary

  • What is the most challenging aspect of your line of work?
  • What do you find is the most gratifying part of work you do?
  • What personal skills, talents and personality traits are  key/essential to success in your career field?
  • Identify the role that a key person, or persons, have played  in significantly impacting your career choice and career path.
  • Was the path to your current career role or position a fairly straight line progression or a much more circuitous route?

You will find that Craft Talks can be inspirational, informative, creative, entertaining – or a combination thereof - for Club Members, as well as fun for you.


Jeff Pape, Sr. Director, Vocational Service
Bob Kittredge, Jr. Director, Vocational Service