July 8th Assignments

On July 8th NFR will host the best Pancake Breakfast in Fresno!

Because all members of NFR are expected to participate in this event, I am sending the assignments for Run for Humanity and the Pancake Breakfast.

If you have a problem with your assignment or any other issue dealing with these assignments, please contact me. Bernadette and I used last year's list and revised it and, of course, added our newest members. Unless I am contacted by July 1st, I will assume we did a fabulous job assigning everyone to the many jobs that will make a great success of our Run for Humanity and Pancake Breakfast!

Thanks to everyone in advance for the hard work and big smiles that will be in evidence on July 8 in the Elbow Room parking lot and on the race track.

For More Information Contact

Marsha Wagner on DacDB