Web History

North Fresno Rotary Website History

North Fresno Rotary launched its original website in 2013 under the leadership of 2013 President Deborah Christiansen and Peter Fortuna.  The project was started by North Fresno Rotarians Doris Blanton and Jeff Harpain.  During this first yearwww.northfresnorotary.org was used to support the Pancake Breakfast at Fig Garden Village and the First Swim for Change event.

In 2014 President Ralph Boyijian oversaw the continued development of the website project.  During President Boyijian's term www.northfresnorotary.org regularly had over 1,000K visitor in a week and became a valuable tool to recruit and promote the mission of North Fresno Rotary.  In 2014 North Fresno Rotary added new members who joined due in part to North Fresno Rotary's growing online presence.

In 2014 President Bernadette Hanson created a strong social media network by incorporating Facebook and Twitter into www.northfresnorotary.org.  During President's Hansen's term North Fresno Rotary garnered over 800 Twitter followers and 70 Facebook likes.  By the end of her term the amount of visitors to www.northfresnorotary.org forced the club to relaunched the site with enhanced features like the iCal event application and behind the scence improvements for mobile devices.

Later this year 2015 President Paul Gibson will present the 2016-2017 Technology Plan that will provide a glimpse of things to come.

Website 4.1

In June 2016 under President Hansen and President Elect Paul Gibson North Fresno Rotary launched www.northfresnorotary.org version 4.1.  With this version of our website we can gained additional features and displays for mobile devices like cell phone and laptops.

Social Media and Networking

We also integrated north Fresno Rotary's Facebook and Twitter accounts.  North Fresno Rotary uses social media networks to connect to its members and the Fresno Community.  Social media networks allow North Fresno Rotary to post information on events and projects, stories and motivational messages once to an unlimited amount of interested parties.  You can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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