Mary Castro of Fresno State

When: Thursday, Nov 3, 2016, 12:15PM - 1:30PM

5260 N Palm Ave #122, Fresno, CA 93704

Mary Borges Castro has been the First Lady at California State University, Fresno since August 2013, when her husband Joseph I. Castro became the University’s eighth president.


Mary embraces her role as an active campus and community volunteer. Planning and hosting events are two of her favorite activities.


She has had an integral role in developing solutions for food security issues facing students. She serves on the Food Security Advisory Board at Fresno State, which has implemented several initiatives such as the Student Cupboard and the Catered Cupboard. Protecting the dignity of the students served while supporting their needs are two important goals of the programs.


Mary is the co-founder of The Year of Maya Angelou Book Club at Fresno State, which started in April 2015. She writes a monthly column for Fig Garden Magazine. She also is the co-host of “First Lady’s Focus,” a weekly public affairs program on Fresno State’s radio station KFSR 90.7 FM, which showcases the personal stories of “people who love Fresno State.” It airs Sundays at 10 a.m. and is streamed online at

Episodes are podcast at




A head count is needed for next Thursday's meeting .  We will be meeting at the CENTRAL VALLEY COMMUNITY FOUNDATION meeting room  and LUNCH WILL BE BROUGHT IN.

In order t insure lunch is available for you - please RSVP (unless you did it on the greensheets at last meeting.  The Central Valley Community Foundation is located in the 2nd building from Palm and in the far N/E corner.  It has an outside entrance.  and plenty of parking there if you go to the backside of the complex.  You won't reach it if you go inside the main entrance. these are the multi-story building just north of Fig Garden Village  Address is 5260 N. Palm #122.  (next door to Baker Manoch and Jensen)  

Please RSVP to Patti

If vegetarian or have special needs on sandwich choices - let me know that too...  


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