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Break the Barriers
Break the Barriers

The North Fresno Rotary Endowment was established in 1987 as a non-profit corporation to benefit the local communities. The mission of the Endowment board is to awards grants to local nonprofit charitable organizations in the greater Fresno & Madera Counties for projects that positively impact the community. The Endowment Fund is primary supported by contributions from North Fresno Rotarians, but our finances are independent from the North Fresno Rotary Board. Since its inception, the North Fresno Rotary Endowment has funded over 50 local non-profit organizations projects in Fresno and Madera Counties. The North Fresno Rotary Endowment Board of Directors meet on a bi-monthly basis (3rd Wednesday of every month). Grant requests must be for a specific project that can be accomplished in a timely manner or for capital equipment.

Current Members

  • Nicholas Grim - Vice-Chairman,┬áPresident Elect
  • Laura Ward, Secretary
  • Josh Giosa, Treasurer
  • Bruce Harr, Past Past President
  • Michael Rabara - Past President
  • Larry Grandos - Current President
  • Richard Lord, at large
  • Tim Hensleit, at large
  • Stefanie Krause, at large


Make an impact locally by join North Fresno Rotary's Community Service Avenue where you will participate in small and large scale projects that provide essentialy and substainable results.